Nancy Ruby



I live an immersive life on the edge of the national forest in Northern Arizona. Grounding in the beauty of the natural world as it is expressed in the high desert has become the muse from which I continue to learn about all aspects of life and creating. Concentrating on nature has given me purpose, gaining awareness around conservation and environmental causes, to pursue gardening and to practice behavior that augments our habits as good stewards of the Earth. I write poetry, paint primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas and board, and work with clay and mixed media. Sometimes the work requires creating sculptural effects on the surface or needs to hang loosely from the wall. My process is often experimental and can lead to a variety of outcomes. I have been in Arizona since 2008 and enjoy the diverse community of artists and writers who have made this place home. –n.ruby



Nancy was born and raised in Texas, and completed her education in San Antonio with a BA from Trinity University where she studied art with a concentration in painting.  For many years she lived in Houston and worked in the interior design business. First, as a custom rug designer, then as owner of a decorative painting company and pattern designer.